Nagel on Realism

Reading Sam Harris’ The End of Faith. While it’s interesting, Harris really seems to go off on the deep end whenever he starts talking philosophy. Some ludicrous stuff on ethics. The he goes off on strawman arguments against relativism and pragmatism. Against pragmatism? Why that’s just un-American! In a lengthy end-note, he quotes Thomas Nagel’s three propositions which argue that realism, like, totally rules:

1. There are many truths about the world that we will never know and have no way of finding out.

2. Some of our beliefs are false and will never be discovered to be so.

3. If a belief is true, it would have been true even if no one believed it.

To which I reply:

1. Can you give me an example?

2. Can you give me an example?

3. Can you give me an example?

Hmmm, since number 1. tells us that we can never know that the universe is not the mad dream of a purple unicorn, I guess it follows that all knowledge is impossible. Man, realism sucks! I guess I’ll go back to being a pragmatist.

New DAWg

Spent the day putting my new Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Cubase 4, through its paces and you can hear the results yourself. Only took a few hours to get the audio set up to match my studio and learn the basics of looping, audio tracks, MIDI tracks, mix automation, inserts, sends, mixdown, the whole works. I have to say I’m pretty impressed, which is good considering it costs same as a couple of nights at the St. Regis. It should be pretty clear where I pilfered the chord progression, but for bonus points can you name the drum loop?

Do you think it needs more guitar?

ex tenebris

Emerging from what must be one of the all-time longest work jags, maybe two months non-stop. There is one track destined to become a classic on “The Weirdness”, the new Stooges record that completely sums it up: “I’m fried”. Good record all around – could be looser, grittier. But what a huge disappointment “A Weekend in the City”, the new Bloc Party album is! The vocals are all intimate and close miked. The microphone is not this guy’s friend. He sounds much better standing back a few feet and shrieking the way he did throughout Silent Alarm. The songs are all mid tempo, with silly arpeggio riffs that beg to be taken seriously. Just sad. I couldn’t sit through the whole album. Instead, I put “Show Your Bones” back on. I cannot get enough of this record. Yeah Yeah Yeah!