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  • Site cleanup

    As you can see, I’ve done some simplifying, standardizing, and general cleanup. A nice clean look for the fall! Please let me know what you think.

  • fun with time’s arrow

    I had an epiphany this week. I’m sure it’s not an original idea, but it’s the first time it dawned on me. We all have an intuitive grasp that the future can play out in multiple ways. We can imagine that, staring from an arbitrary point in time, say April 25, 12:00 pm ET–let’s call […]

  • On first looking into the Flatiron Lounge

    Ah, New York. Truly, my favourite of the Yorks.

  • The Coolin

    Come with me, under my coat, And we will drink our fill Of the milk of the white goat, Or wine if it be thy will And we will talk, until Talk is a trouble, too, Out on the side of the hill; And nothing is left to do, But an eye to look into […]

  • Race Day!

    Someone on the teevee just said that this is the best day in New York, and I agree! The elite women are now off, and it’s an especially exciting women’s field. Jelena Prokopcuka has the chance to become the first woman since the legendary Grete Waitz to win New York three times in a row. […]

  • Speaking of Philip K. Dick

    Funny how everything good comes from some place else. One of the best scenes in John Carpenter’s Dark Star involves a conversation with the ship’s dead captain. Beyond being understandably groggy, he’s a bit put out that no one has talked to him for so long. Still, he offers good advice, that is, to teach […]

  • Are Dream Jokes Real?

    Could be a Philip K. Dick story, but I also think it’s an inherently interesting question. If something happens in a dream that causes you to laugh, is it really funny? What if you can remember the scenario afterwards and your waking self doesn’t find it funny, or coherent? Once or twice when this has […]

  • Sometimes I Just Think Funny Things

    Free for the taking: “Sushi Generis” (name for a resaturant), “The New Criteronion” (name for a spoof site). According to NAM, I laugh in my sleep. I would find that a little creepy.

  • Back to Stem Cells

    The confusion around stem cells is due, I think, in large part to a fundamental misunderstanding of the function of DNA. In the popular mind, DNA contains a complete description of a person’s body. From this perspective, the DNA in the 100 or so stem cells in a balstocyst fully describe what the person will […]