Sometimes I Just Think Funny Things

Free for the taking: “Sushi Generis” (name for a resaturant), “The New Criteronion” (name for a spoof site).

According to NAM, I laugh in my sleep. I would find that a little creepy.






4 responses to “Sometimes I Just Think Funny Things”

  1. bert Avatar

    Sushi generis is, of course, brilliant. The menu would have to pick up on the name, though, and serve entirely novel creations, possibly in outrageous shapes. Maybe the rice and fish could be transposed in sushi. Maybe sashimi could be raw rice. I’m just riffing here.

  2. Pat S Avatar
    Pat S

    What a wonderful epitaph: “He laughed in his sleep.”

    (For George Murray, that would suggest a Carousel poem.)

    Or for an older generation:

    Archibald E. Schooner
    Beloved husband of Amabel V. Songsparrow
    May you laugh in your sleep.

    Or as a daily variation on good-bye, good-night, “farewell” –

    “May you laugh in your sleep.”

  3. John T Avatar

    I feel like I’ve eaten at Sushi Generus a bunch of times already. Any kind of laughing is always good!

  4. krunkbot Avatar

    “Welcome to Sushi Generis. Tonight we are featuring Fugu, or as we call it, Sushi Cide. A-ha, ha ha ha… ah…” Ok, maybe not so brilliant after all.

    As for epitaphs, I already have one picked out: best before (insert date of death).

    JT, what the Wood-man said about something else applies here, “My worst one was right on the money.”

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