(ex-) Sedrick fan #1

From the “The inverse square law is your friend, department…”

Silly Lilly writes “OK, Here’s my little news piece about someone who did a search on our drummer’s name because he liked “Spankdriven”, a band she played in a couple of years ago. He has an obsession with the bass and contacted me because of our sedrick web page, and wanted to be put on our mailing list. He warned me he was planning to sit right in front of me in front of the stage, and here is his e-mail to me after the show: …

“Thanks for letting me intrude on your space to watch you perform
on Sat 12 Feb at the Bayou.

Hmm. Your performance was too loud for me. Sure, I plopped my butt
down in front of you to watch you up close, and that may have been
a strong reason for the cause, but not the main reason. I sat back
with the normal audience for the first two songs to gauge the sound
level. I had to decide whether the visual experience was more impor-
tant than the aural experience. I went with the visual to watch you

Lillian, I watched your left hand quite often and marvelled at the
contortions to fret several strings at once (at least that was what
I was seeing).

For experimentation, I brought my digital camera along to take pic-
tures. The camera does not have a zoom. I dislike using the flash.
If I use the flash, then the pictures seem false to me. The camera
does not take good pictures in low light, that is, any motion often
causes a blur. The result is that nearly all of the pictures have
too much blur. A few pictures have barely adequate sections. The
stage lighting washed the pictures in red. If you have ever looked
through the red side of red-blue 3D glasses, then you know what I
mean. I will have to do some cropping to extract those worthwhile
sections for my memoriabilia.

And now, more about the sound …

When I introduced myself to you after your sound check, I intruded
with my comments that the sound from the sound check was too loud.
I still have the same opinion after listening to your performance.

For me, the main culprit was the singing for being too loud, that
is, either the singing itself, or the singing part caused the band
to put more energy into the song. Often, the words in the songs were
unintelligible to me from the distortion. During the slow songs, the
overall sound, including the singing, was within a tolerable level
as the band tried to keep the energy level in check. The worst for
me was the punk songs at the end of the performance, especially the
last one when Lillian let it rip. I felt waves of nausea from the
sonic screams in the last song.

My options are: (1) plead for volume restraint, (2) be intoxicated,
(3) wear earplugs, (4) stay away from the stage, or (5) not come. I
can do (3), but I ask for (1), and (5) seems inevitable.

With the venue name of Bayou Blues and Jazz club, what I heard was
different from what I expected. I expected blues and/or jazz, not
classic rock nor scream punk. I enjoy classic rock, but not scream
punk. The classic rock songs got my foot tapping. For some reason, I
expected all originals from Sedrick, but no cover songs. To me, one
has to ask about how Sedrick identifies itself, perhaps you are still
trying to understand each other to choose an overall direction.

I wrote the above with no animosity whatsoever nor intended any, but
a genuine desire to provide one person’s honest feedback. I am in my
quest to find a live music band that caters to my music taste, and
keeps the sound level below the pain/discomfort threshold.

Thanks for your time,

And here is a final response that our drummer and pretty much everyone else in the band found completely distasteful, but I just think it’s all downright funny:


I did some thinking about my music taste and the music of Sedrick with
your comments in mind. And, yes, please take me off the mailing list.
Time for me to renew my search for a live rock band which satisfies my
music taste. If you know of a live rock band which is looking for fans
and which is beholden to the classic rock scripture but is fresh and
modern in their own style, then please let me know such that I can be-
come a disciple of theirs.

Thanks for the memories,

And, all the best,







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