Hey, they broke my watch!

Spending a lot of time in Chicago these days, as is Ms. Celluloid Pantry. So that’s enough to prompt the semi-annual screening of the Blues Brothers. Just noticed , after watching this movie maybe 50 times already, that right after John Candy’s immortal “This is car 55. We’re in a truck.” line, another cop is heard to utter, “hey, they broke my watch!”, in a recapitulation of the gag from the mall drive-through scene. What other gems will Cinema 59’s recent upgrades reveal?






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  1. Pat S Avatar
    Pat S

    I spent two of my precious Toronto International Film Festival tickets on music films — Scott Hick’s “GLASS: a protrait of Philip in 12 parts” and Julian Schnabel’s “Lou Reed’s Berlin.”

    Sychronicities, everywhere you look — “Candy says.”

  2. Pat S Avatar
    Pat S

    Catching up on a backlog of news — hey, they never broke Honest Ed.

    From the Globe & Mail obituary (maybe from their own archives, or possibly from Jack Batten’s “Honest Ed’s Story”):

    “He jokingly suggested that he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes sealed in a large hour-glass that would be put on display at Honest Ed’s and turned every hour so that his employees and his customers could say, ‘There’s good old Ed … still running.’”

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