Sex Pistols on Leno

Managed to sit through the last 30 minutes of Leno, a personal record, to catch the Pistols. Apparently, the band is back promo-ing their appearance on the latest edition of “Guitar Hero” a video game for kids who would rather not practice pentatonic scales. They ran through “Anarchy in the UK”. Jones flubbed his solo, Lydon couldn’t remember when to interject “In the City!”, so did it three times just to be safe. Cook was fine, and the big news is, Glenn Matlock–the Brian Jones of the Sex Pistols– is back on bass. Matlock, you may recall, always cringed at the forced rhyme of “anti-Christ” and anarchist”. Then again, he washed his feet excessively, so we’re none of us perfect. Lydon did ask “when are we getting out of Iraq?” but was otherwise tame. He had none of the sneering misanthropy evinced in, say, the interview he did way back when with the recently late Tom Snyder. God knows Leno deserves to be on the  receiving end of that sneer more than Snyder ever did.






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  1. John T Avatar

    Dogs! I missed it.

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