Violated on the Bowery

Just got back from seeing those Depeche-mode-playin’ gals at a newish club called Crash Mansion. Professor E. was crashed out on a couch as we checked out the opening act, a U2 cover band that doesn’t seem to realize it’s a U2 cover band. Ho hum. Violator hit the stage and this new iteration is the best one yet. This is the third guitarist I’ve seen them with, and she coaxed some nice textures out of her LP->Pod->Twin setup. PG’s bass sounded better than ever, with a nice Korn-like crunch. Tracy the drummer, whose birthday was the excuse for this here gig, rocked steady as ususal. Then t’was out into the cold street and into a warm cab to zoom back uptown and tuck the Prof into another cozy crash pad. As for me, I’m going to browse “How to play Bebop” for a while longer…






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