Marion’s Gastrointestinal

Owing mostly to an administrative error, and, I guess, partially to my “only-dining-below-14th-street” edict that was passed as of late, we ended up having dinner at Marion’s tonight. Now, the thing you have to know about Marion’s is that it has always been a fun place to have a cocktail–a wacky cocktail, that is. I would never have a simple “Sapphire-martini-up-with-olives” there. But the menu has always–how shall we say, sucked. How far off the mark can they be? Well, let’s look to their cocktail menu as an example: the “Smoky Martini”:

Ketel One vodka straight up with a drop of laphroaig.

Oy gevalt!






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  1. bert Avatar

    Cinnamon Girl’s a meme, is it? Funny – just listening this minute to a cover by Type O Negative, a band I feel sure you’re mad about.

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