New York: West 27th? And Where?

We were somewhere around 10th Avenue on the edge of Chelsea when the Super Tuscan began to take hold. But let me take a step back. Every once in a while on my travels, a thought along the lines of, “after all, there are decent restaurants in other cities” enters my mind. But then I go to a place like Naima, and I am back to thinking of NYC, “Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Yes, it’s all that–and a packet of crisps. On that crosstown trip, the cabbie kept asking, “27th and where?” But after dinner, the guy taking us back to chez Mark informed us that Bungalow 8, which is next door, is “the most fabulous club in New York.” Which is perhaps why a cabbie was trawling W27th between 10th & 11th. Doesn’t matter, because I am not Prince Black Card, nor was meant to be. Also, somehow, there is now a ‘Scores’ on that block. But we’ll just ignore that. And we’ll be back…






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