Time of death, Oct 14 2005. And even though it seems like Mr. Bush is well into his second term of office, we have to remind ourselves that it has only been nine months since he had his title upgraded from “President” to President. So what makes me say it’s over? It’s not because Mr. Bush’s major second-term policy initiative, his social security reform, was first booed and then laughed off the stage. No curiously, it is the Miers nomination that has seemingly removed from Mr. Bush his greatest political strength: unanimous, constant, unwavering support from his base, his party and the punditry. The same voices who would have praised Bush’s consistency, his steadfast courage if he had shown up for a press conference with his pants on backwards (“Once I put on my pants, I stay the course”) have let loose an unprecedented barrage of criticism over the Miers choice. Miers was some kind of signal to, especially I think, those inhabiting the stranger end of the bedfellow spectrum–traditional conservatives–that is was ok to let the boss know that he had really stepped in it this time. I will save an analysis of this for a later time, but for now let me simply say “God bless mid-term elections!”






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