Roma blogging: martedi — pranza

We were actually looking for Da Baffetto, which turns out not to open for lunch. Instead, we headed into Cul de Sac, an enoteca near Piazza Navona. Started with some black olives (again) and some great shaved smoked tuna. Might mistake it for ham if you saw it on the plate. Delicious! Then I had the salt cod brandade while NAM feasted on a salad with beans, tomatoes and Italian tuna. Great! We started off with a couple of whites, I had a lovely Vermentino from Sardinia. After that, I wanted to try their best super Tuscans, but after tasting it, I opted against it. Had some very obvious oxidation on the nose. The dude disagreed, but suggested the Chianti instead, which was absolutely killer and half the price.






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