Seen this weekend

monkey barpam’s real thairussian vodka room – the whispering gallery in grand central – the campbell apartment (closed, but we snuck a peek) – lombardi’s – bucket of live frogs in chinatown – a nice decanter at crate and barrel (we bought it) – some old port in the best wine store in the us (we didn’t buy it) – sushi sekibrick – a demo of m2kcosmic collisionsuma thurman and her kids – a room full of live butterfliesuma thurman and her kids – lots o’ goldgrand sichuanslaves of new yorkliving in oblivion






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  1. Pat S Avatar
    Pat S

    SD’s Dutronckian Dilemma

    A decanter.
    How thoughtful.

    (Il est sympa et attirant
    Mais, mais, mais, mais, mais, mais, mais…)

    Will it ever replace
    The standard Heinz bottle?

  2.  Avatar

    I think Dr. D. would like nothing better than a decanter of catsup. And that’s what’s so disturbing about it all.

    And the Uma sighting is herewith confirmed by Gawker Stalker (tho they got the coordinates somewhat munged).

  3.  Avatar

    And isn’t this his ‘n her blogging just so Rashomon?

  4. Pat S Avatar
    Pat S

    Yes, I enjoy that. (Not quite like Rashomon, we hope.)

    Have you seen any of Rivette’s films? I thought of you (pl.) when I saw Histoire de Marie et Julien — and of you in particular when I saw Merry-Go-Round, and his post-prandial interview of Renoir and Michel Simon (Jean Renoir, le patron).

    Our Cinematheque has a cruel streak, and is currently showing Imamura and Rivette(both make very long films) simultaneously.

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