Seen this weekend

monkey barpam’s real thairussian vodka room – the whispering gallery in grand central – the campbell apartment (closed, but we snuck a peek) – lombardi’s – bucket of live frogs in chinatown – a nice decanter at crate and barrel (we bought it) – some old port in the best wine store in the us (we didn’t buy it) – sushi sekibrick – a demo of m2kcosmic collisionsuma thurman and her kids – a room full of live butterfliesuma thurman and her kids – lots o’ goldgrand sichuanslaves of new yorkliving in oblivion

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  1. SD’s Dutronckian Dilemma

    A decanter.
    How thoughtful.

    (Il est sympa et attirant
    Mais, mais, mais, mais, mais, mais, mais…)

    Will it ever replace
    The standard Heinz bottle?

  2. I think Dr. D. would like nothing better than a decanter of catsup. And that’s what’s so disturbing about it all.

    And the Uma sighting is herewith confirmed by Gawker Stalker (tho they got the coordinates somewhat munged).

  3. Yes, I enjoy that. (Not quite like Rashomon, we hope.)

    Have you seen any of Rivette’s films? I thought of you (pl.) when I saw Histoire de Marie et Julien — and of you in particular when I saw Merry-Go-Round, and his post-prandial interview of Renoir and Michel Simon (Jean Renoir, le patron).

    Our Cinematheque has a cruel streak, and is currently showing Imamura and Rivette(both make very long films) simultaneously.

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