Sunday bobble-head blogging

1) Rummy the lizard-man on Stefanopoulis. (Note, we only call him the lizard man because he has the heart, soul, and mind of a reptile. And he eats flies.)

What does Rummy think of the ABC poll that shows 53% of Americans now think the war in Iraq wasn’t worth fighting, and that 41% think the war has made America weaker?

Rummy: I haven’t seen that poll… I have seen other polls.

Stef then asks Rummy about the new WaPo story about our ally Pakistan selling nuclear material to our enemy Libya. The Bush admin had been spreading the story that it was North Korea doing this.

Rummy: I haven’t seen that article. (He didn’t let us know if he had seen other articles or not.)

2) Stef then brings on McCain. His first two questions: Schiavo and steroids. Another victory for serious journalism!

3) Stef’s roundtable:

On Schiavo, George Will calls it right! A completely unconstitutional play to the Republican base. Way to go, Georgie!

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