They’re Back?

Crossing Delancy is the perfect example of a great not-so-great movie. I think I owe FB for that one, but it’s an important and indispensable category. And CD hails from 1988, no less, so there I go being kind to an 80s film. But, does that mean we want to dress that way again? You would think so if you paid any attention to the DKNY window at 60th & Mad lately. It’s the 80s again. Let’s hope they’re wrong!

So would the story of the star-crossed pickle salesman and Annie Hall throwback be as sentimentally effective if it were set in, say, anywhere else? No. But as I munch on a slice from my Patsy’s pie (well-deserved after a 12-hour Friday), you’ll forgive my shameless Nyphilia. I think next I’ll pop in some Woody. From the 70s.







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