What’s up with the blog, anyway?

As much as I was allured by the ubergeek appeal of running a site based on slashcode,  it  eventually became more trouble than it was worth.  For a couple of reasons, I needed to update my server to the most recent version of Redhat Fedora. Slash only runs on a very specific, and very ancient version of mysql–a version which is impossible to run on Fedora Core 6. Besides which, slash is written entirely in Perl, and makes no use of CSS. Hardly ideal. So, I had been thinking for some time about switching to a completely LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) platform and, after doing some digging around, ended up choosing WordPress. It was a piece of cake to get up and running and, thanks to CSS, it will be simple  to re-design the site. Unfortunately, there’s no way to auto-import the posts from my slash site, so I will be re-posting some old chestnuts and may eventually get around to reposting everything.

And now, back to the krunk…






6 responses to “What’s up with the blog, anyway?”

  1. bert Avatar

    Welcome to the world of 21st-century blogs. Slashcode – in nerd credibility, how like an angel; in back-end or front-end smelliness, how like a cod.

  2. krunkbot Avatar

    And yet to me, what is this quintessense of sledz?

  3. Melinda Avatar

    I like the redesign.

    And often, one must sacrifice geekness in order to facilitate communication.

  4.  Avatar

    Who are you? And why do you call yourself Cyberkrunk? And why do you name-drop LAMP? You’ll never impress the ladies doing that, even if your wife gives you the go-ahead.

  5.  Avatar

    Oh, and by the way: go Gators.

  6. krunkbot Avatar

    Mr Anonymous, you ask a lot of questions for someone from New Jersey.

    And I done saw me some gators for real down there.

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