You can’t always get what you want

This one comes from Brunobaby: a fun divertimento. You google “–insert your name– needs”, and learn valuable life lessons from the results. Or something. Here’s what Chester needs:
Chester needs to develop an educated, flexible and adaptable workforce.
Chester needs this.
Chester needs a good, well designed building to cover all arts for children, older people and all people of Chester.
Chester needs a place to sleep. [Aye, and perchance to dream…]
Chester needs glasses but takes them off on stage so they don’t fall off. [Once, during guitar master class they slipped down so far that I shook them off in the middle of a performance–Chester is dramatic!]
Some new leadership and energy and ideas are what West Chester needs.
Chester needs the taxes, Chester needs the jobs. But Chester also needs to
improve its image and not be a killing field.
Chester needs widening.
But truth be told, all Chester needs is some attention and reinforcement of the good habits he once had.

And now,the winner:
A big cat who needs to lose some weight, Chester needs some
love and attention and will repay you in kind.






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