Month: June 2006

  • New York: HSH

    Many years since I was here, on the street I was passin’ my time away to the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky it’s outta sight in the dead of night Here I am, and in this city, with a fistful of dollars And baby, you’d better believe it I’m back,…

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  • Paris blogging: victoire a vendredi

    We won! And thank goodness, because the only thing that could salvage the horrendous faux pas of scheduling a dinner during a France World Cup game would be the guys pulling out the requisite win. And not just winning the game, but scoring the two points needed to advance to the next round. Jubilation! R…

  • Roma blogging: mercoledi — cena, or “Trampin-in-Trastavere”

    We begin the evening with more superlatives. By all accounts, the best gelato in Rome is to be found at il Gelato di San Crispino. We almost miss the little hole-in-the-wall joint. Expecting to encounter a huge line, having arrived at 18:00, we find the place empty. Told by a sign to take a number,…

  • Roma blogging: martedi — cena

    After the requisite siesta, sorry, don’t know if that’s Italian or not and too tired right now to look it up, we went directly across the street to Harry’s Bar. What a fantastic bar and what a shame it attracts such a lame clientelle these days. If tonight was representative at all, that is. The…

  • Roma blogging: mercoledi — pranzo

    (Backwards blogging until I get caught up.) When Elizabeth and Richard were in town in 1963 filming Cleopatra, they used to eat often at Taverna Flavia. Good enough reason to try it out? Not really, but we wanted something in the hood that wasn’t lousy with Americans. This place fit the bill perfectly. Not a…

  • Paris Blogging: Samedi — Marchons!

    Breakfast included the normal stuff, but also a couple of fougasses, something I’d never tried before. Fougasse is like a French version of focaccia, these two were folded over and stuffed, one with chevre and one with tuna and tomato sauce. R&K get theirs from their favourite boulangerie, which makes baguettes (see below, not the…

  • Paris Blogging: Bagatelle

    Baguette traditionelle, Montparnasse: Baguette magique, le Marais:

  • Paris Blogging: Vendredi

    The sun is back and the heat, too. Late morning, we headed over to rue Mouffetard, where NAM bought these beautiful raspberries, which we then enjoyed in the Jardin des Plantes. We headed back to Montmartre to take care of unfinished business at Les Deux Moulins. Actually had a decent lunch there, but also had…

  • Paris Blogging: Jeudi Part Deux

    I have a confession to make. After a few days of eating French dinners, I need to do something else. Once, during a working trip, I had to fast completely by Wednesday. It hadn’t quite gotten to that point yet, but we clearly needed a change of pace. So after more tramping about the 1st…