Month: June 2006

  • Paris Blogging: Mercredi

    Drizzly day tramping around Montmartre, and the drizzle only adds to the effect. Were headed towards Les Deux Moulins for a Celluloid Pantry photo shoot (you’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday to see what the movie is), but, as we still needed some lunch, postponed that. I might as well just come out…

  • Paris Blogging: Jeudi

    When art stinks: Morning in the Pompidou. Where they hiding the good stuff at? Instead of Kandinsky, saw things ranging from the irritating to the smelly: “Ketchup Sandwich” which was a stack of sheets of glass with ketchup in between, and “100 boots in their crash pad” which was 100 pairs of rubber boots stashed…

  • Paris Blogging: Mardi

    Been on a fine dining jag for the past few weeks that has taken me to such New York gems as The Firebird, Gotham Bar & Grill, and most notably, Aureole (not to mention Shun Lee Palace, Josephina and ‘Cesca — overrated and overshadowed by our fine company that night, Mr & Ms S.Fo). Aureole…

  • New York: Double Happiness

    Sometimes, you get lucky and just stumble into a place at 11:00 o’clock on a Saturday night and get the best seat in the house (scroll down to “where to sit”). BA knows what I’m talkin’ about. Yes, DH’s peak has come and gone, but hey, “…cast the first stone.” and all that.

  • Mallecontent

    And here you have post 100: Back in the late 1980s, Louis Malle was the first French film director I got to know over a span of films and a span of time. He inspired me to get into French film generally, and a few of his pics hold special places in my heart. Now…

  • iGarbage

    No posting lately, due to extreme business, which is always a good thing. What drew me out of seclusion? After having fooled around with iTunes for a while, I’m worried that some might construe this as a tacit endorsement. Hardly! I’ll tell you why. For some reason, I was just now struck with the need…

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  • Roma blogging: martedi — pranza

    We were actually looking for Da Baffetto, which turns out not to open for lunch. Instead, we headed into Cul de Sac, an enoteca near Piazza Navona. Started with some black olives (again) and some great shaved smoked tuna. Might mistake it for ham if you saw it on the plate. Delicious! Then I had…

  • Intermezzo

    How’s this for a trifecta: Thursday night: dinner in Rome Friday night: dinner in Paris Saturday night: dinner in New York I have finally lived up to my Jet-Set moniker.

  • Roma blogging: giovedi. Ciao, Roma!

    Again craving something simple and hearty, a pizza perhaps, we acted on a tip from the distinguished Romaphiles, PL & PM, and headed back to Piazza Navona to Da Francesco. No pizza at lunch (a conspiracy to not fire up the ovens during the day?), so spaghetti for both of us. Cacio e pepe for…