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  • which is more outmoded?

    Blogging, or using a Blackberry? How about blogging from your Blackberry? [gmap]

  • cyberkrunk labs

    Things are humming along, and the bf album release is getting nearer. Maybe this year. The labs have had a major influx of new gear of the past year. The most recent addition is a pair of Dynaudio BM 6A mk II nearfield monitors. Now, back in the day, many happy hours were spent in…

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  • Notes on the new Home Theatre

    I spent spare moments this summer researching the state of the art in home theatre, reading endless forum posts, product reviews and spec sheets. The end result is that by early September, I had replaced every single element in the home theatre setup. Not a single cable from the old system remains. After two months…

  • Whole lotta Hadrons

    Speaking of reducing things to little tiny bits: both the New Yorker and the Times have recently featured nice articles on CERN‘s Large Hadron Collider. Mmm… Hadrons…

  • Some RSS Evangelism

    A while back, I wrote a piece singing the praises of CSS, a great technology for developing web content. Now, I’m passing on the tip about RSS, a great technology for accessing web content. RSS, and it’s first-born son, Atom, are feed technologies that generate updated XML whenever a web site posts updates. You can…

  • A la recherche du vinyle perdu

    My passage into adulthood was marked in a manner appropriate for suburban youth in a consumerist culture: my first solo flight to the mall. Or, at least, the first one that was fully sanctioned by the authorities. And I had a mission, to buy a record album–another first. For the sake of posterity, I’m glad…

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  • iGarbage

    No posting lately, due to extreme business, which is always a good thing. What drew me out of seclusion? After having fooled around with iTunes for a while, I’m worried that some might construe this as a tacit endorsement. Hardly! I’ll tell you why. For some reason, I was just now struck with the need…

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  • Clickradio back in the news

    How does that song go, “Do you remember rock-and-roll-Clickradio?” Maybe not quite. Clickradio may have died young, but the fight over the beautiful corpse it left behind continues. The New York Post (ick) reports that a trial opened April 5th in Manhattan Supreme Court to settle whether the company was scuttled to allow a group…

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  • Critical listening

    Headphones are something of a necessary evil. For listening to playback, nothing beats good bi-amped nearfield monitors in a near-anechoic chamber. I look back fondly on the nights I used to spend in UTEMS listening to my work on a pair of Genelec 1030a nearfields. Genelec stopped making the 1030a last year–something kind of sad…

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